Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Farmhouse Hearts and Darts, Part 4

I'm generally happy with how much hasn't been done to the farmhouse - I was looking for something that hadn't been too badly re-muddled over the years. However, as this shot shows, the house hasn't completely escaped. I suppose they were going for a rustic effect, or else cared only about function and not about looks; but in a room that's only 9.5 feet on a side, this floor-to-ceiling eyesore really dominates it. The only closet in the house when it was built was under the stairs, so I freely admit that more storage space is needed. I'd far rather have a freestanding armoire, though, and eventually I probably will. (For extra credit, notice how the acoustic tiles nailed to the ceiling stop short of the closet, leaving a gap of old molting plaster.)

Now for the today's good side... the picture isn't of the house itself, but the pies in this apple were picked off our very own apple tree! My mom picked them in November before the frost came, kept them until Christmas, and made pie for us for New Years. They are great baking apples - they kept their shape nicely in the pie and even still had a bit of a crunch in them.

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