Thursday, January 13, 2011

Job Op?

I ran across this little job posting and was charmed by it recently while looking at job opportunities with various boards of education (yes, that season is starting already, believe it or not). It has clearly been torn out of a newspaper, had correction fluid applied, been scanned, and posted on the Rainbow District School Board website as a service to the community.

First of all, who even knew there was such a thing as a "Crown Ward Education Championship Team"? That's awesome! I'd love to be part of a group of people who spend their days trying to help foster kids get more education, training, and jobs. And they need an "Education Research Consultant"... that sounds like just the kind of thing I'd like to try, especially on an eight-month contract, which is what they're offering.

Unfortunately I'm not bilingual, and that's ignoring the more practical constraints of their office being four hours from Toronto, and more than two hours from the farmhouse. I can hardly ignore the contract I have until the end of June, either. Still, it's fun to look at job postings and imagine that I could flip life on its head, and that Toronto might become our "summer place" someday.

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