Monday, November 21, 2011

Tonight's links

Not URLs... links I made from 1901 to 1911 census on!

In Houghton, Norfolk, starting with page 1 in 1901:
Alton, Albert R.
Alton, Martha
Alton, Leslie A.
Alton, Charlotte E.
Jackson, Andrew
Alton, William B.
Alton, Marion R.
Thomson, Thomas E.
Thomson, Annie
Thomson, Lauerence/Lawrence W.
Thomson, Kenneth C/E.
Thomson, Howard W/Winston H.
Willis, Arthur
Willis, Phebe L.D. / Pheobe L.
Willis, Arthur R.
Finch, Lafayette G.
Finch, Hannah
Marshall, Charles
Marshall, Castellia R.
Marshall, Verna A/M
Marshall, Charles S.
Marshall, Earl S.

I could not find a strong match for Alton, John, but a quick search on showed a John Alton, died November 6, 1909 in Port Rowan, which is a lovely little town in Norfolk, near Houghton.  So that explains him.

I also could not find Williams, Ada L.  She was 18 in 1901, so she quite likely married between 1901 and 1911.  Marriage records are notoriously scarce, and didn't show any Ada Williams marriage, although I did confirm her birth and parents' names.  The other Williams are already linked, so presumably that researcher ran into the same problem.

I couldn't find a Severance, Sewell in 1911, but someone of that name died in 1910 in Malahide, Elgin, which is not too far from Houghton; plus, he was 80, which is the correct age.

I couldn't find poor Crawford, Emma J. in 1911.  Her husband Wallace is easily found, but he's now married to a Sarah with a very different birthdate, so it's probably a second wife.  It took some searching, because the name on her death record is recorded as "Ema Jane", but I found her death in Houghton in 1903.  That fits with the new wife.

And that's as far I'm going to get tonight...

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