Monday, November 21, 2011

Charlotte E. Alton - a linking case study

Here is Charlotte E. Alton in 1901, in Houghton, Norfolk, Ontario:

5 2Alton Charlotte E.F DaughterSApr 191870

and here, I believe, she is in 1911, also in Houghton, Norfolk, Ontario:

48 95Alton Charlotte E FHeadSApr186546

It's tempting to believe that they are the same person.  How many Charlotte E. Altons can there be, anyway?  In 1901 she is living with her father, John Alton, but in 1911 she is the head of her own household.

The problem is the dates.  I can't quite convince myself that the five-year difference between the two birth years is no problem.

In 1891 there is a Charlotte E. Alton who gives her age as 24, which would make her birth year around 1867.

In 1881 she is living with her father John (as she is in 1901), and her birth year is 1865.

In 1871 there is a Sharlotte E. Alton living in Houghton, with mother Margaret and brother George.  Father John is not listed in the household.  The birth year then is given as 1866.

All those differences, and no sign of any other Charlotte Alton, convince me that this is just someone where weird dates accumulate.  Whether she habitually forgot or lied about her age or not, there seem to be just some people you run across where the dates never quite match up.  I'm going to go ahead and match the two up in 1901 and 1911.

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