Monday, October 3, 2011

September Reading

I've been recording books read for just over a year now, and thought I'd assemble a single-shot picture of the books I read in September 2010, so I can compare them to September 2011.  There were only ten books last year, which seems about right since I was just starting a year of teaching at a new school.

In September of this year there were a few more, although I realize that some of these were read in August and recorded in September.  It's not realistic to catch up at the end of every month, although I may try to do better; but for now it will when they were recorded.
I'm surprised there weren't more, actually, because I thought I read a lot more this fall, especially more non-fiction such as books on building and furniture.  I haven't been reading them all year round, so it must be a September thing!  Definitely more fiction this year, which is good - I had gotten out of balance.

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