Saturday, January 22, 2011

Farmhouse Hearts and Darts, Part 6

It's all ours! My son, shown in the picture here, did the work of picking out the letters at the hardware store and put the names on the mailbox. Our little deception on the mailbox makes me laugh every time I think of it.

You get a bit of the flavour of our neck of the woods here. I'm not sure you can really call it a "neighbourhood" when there are only three houses you can see.

The bathroom is nice and clean, or at least it was three weeks ago when we last saw it (the rubber gloves there are a clue). This is the "bad" picture for today, not because there's anything inherently bad about the bathroom, but it is still going to need major work. The problem? That angled wall you see there starts about 4 feet from the floor, which means the shower head is only 5 feet off the floor, and my six-foot husband doesn't fit. If a guy is going to have to re-wire and re-plumb an entire house, he should at least be able to have a nice, hot, comfortable shower at the end of the day.

The little closet at the top of the tub is cute, though. It probably exists only because the chimney coming through the hallway upstairs means the door to the bathroom had to be a certain distance from the outside wall, which forced the sink to be where it is, and the toilet and tub followed from there. I hope I can figure out a better arrangement.

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