Thursday, July 17, 2014

Robina Thomas
-"ways of being" in the K-12 curriculum; not just history
-"I'm not going to talk about native problems, because we need Canadian solutions"
-an article called "an infinite number of paths to the centre"  (Lee Maracle?)
-such a relief to hear that unbecoming is painful!  It's okay that it hurts!
-more indigenous children in care today than in residential schools - 50% of children in case, but only 4% of the population

Victoria Freeman
-"a strong connection to the land"
-to "unsettle" yourself - love that double meaning

Jesse Thistle
-connecting AA steps to historical research
-Step 4; interesting considering recent exposure I had to it

Ed Bianchi

-town histories - show the initial relationship between ancestors and the original peoples

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