Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm not Staging to Sell... I'm Staging to Stay.

During a brief flurry of excitement when my husband and I thought we were going to buy a condo in our neighbourhood and move, I put several books on staging on hold at the library.  That opportunity is over (it turned out to have been sold even before the open house), but the books have come in and I've been reading them, and they're getting me excited about the potential for our house.

Our real estate agent said something that really stuck with me; that we needed to highlight the things in our house that caused us to fall in love with it.  She also said we needed to get rid of 75% of our stuff - I admit to being a packrat!  Reading these books, they say that you want bedrooms to appear to be oases, and bathrooms to appear like spas.  That's where I want to live, too!

My new plan is to "stage to stay".  It's going to be a combination of purging, organizing, spring cleaning, and decorating.  I'm going to splurge on all the things I would if we were selling, but I'm going to do it now, so I can enjoy them.  I will never be someone who says "I wish we'd done all this to the house before we decided to sell it!"

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