Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1911 continued - Maternal side

Here we have the little Bailey family. There's husband George, his second wife Ella, and his children Annie and Everett (my great-grandfather). Annie went on to marry Floyd Massender and have ten children, and Everett married Lola Laverne Griffin and had nine children. The 19 cousins and their descendants still have a reunion every summer. In 1911 they're living in Mersea, in Essex County.

Nearby, in Colchester North, George's mother Eliza Bailey is living with another of her sons, Joseph, and his growing family. She is 69 but lived to be 86, so I imagine her enjoying the company of little Ruby, Frederick, and Orville (whose middle name was Fair, her maiden name).

George's first father-in-law, who is of course my three-times-great-grandfather, lives in the very next household.

Moving on to the Griffin branch, we have the perfect example of why families are hard to find in the census. I finally found them spelled Griffen, with the husband's birthdate 20 years off from what I had been told! They are in Essex North county, in a settlement called Rochester that appears to no longer exist. The family consists of Alfred, his wife Louisa, and children Curell, Almer, Wesley, and Laverne. This poor eldest child of theirs is listed in 1891 as a 7-year-old girl named Coral, in 1901 as a 16-year-old son named Carell, and finally in 1911 as a 25-year-old son named Curell.

Also in Mersea we have Louia's mother, Anne Shelson, living with her daughter Attillia, her husband, and their three daughters.

Over in Gosfield North we get my mother's mother's foster family. Henry Carder is a ripe old 88, despite the fact that his wife Sarah died in the previous year at the age of 64. Henry is living with his son Edwin, and his wife Ella, and they have sons Albert and Orville; my grandmother did not join their family until the early 1920s. It will be interesting to see if she is in the 1921 census when it is released in 2013. In this snippet we also get a tantalizing idea of their address - "N.W. ? 25 con 8".

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