Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't file... pile!

One of the great things about this blog is that I can go back and see what interested me before, and renew my enthusiasms.

For instance, looking at old post headings sent me back to DIYPlanner.com, where I found a link to this awesome video on "file-piles". It's a system that combines the best of a filing system, with the best of a "piling" system, which is my natural tendency. It's really true that when I force myself to file, I get less productive.

The one filing system that I have and use is the financial system my husband and I set up. It takes exactly one filing cabinet drawer, and works beautifully. It came from some book about couples finance (not surprisingly!). As Rob points out in the video, filing works well when you share a system.

I'm going to finally add a 15-minute block to my lunch routine to deal with paper clutter. I'll use a regular binder (which I have tons of) and try this out tomorrow.

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