Friday, May 13, 2011

Tumbleweed Tiny Homes - the Fencl

I mentioned the Tumbleweed tiny house website in November of last year, and pointed you to the Sebastarosa house that I was obsessed with... sorry, enthusiastic about!... at the time.

Since then I've told my son many times about the "house on wheels" we'll build together at the farmhouse for him to take with him when he leaves home. I finally realized that I shouldn't project my dreams on to him, and realized that I wanted one myself.

After looking over all the plans again, I've settled on the Fencl (pronounced Fen-sel) as being my favourite, at least for the moment. At 130 square feet it's the biggest of Jay's portable houses (well, not counting the Popomo, which looks entirely different from all the others and doesn't appeal to me stylistically). It is built on a 7' by 18' trailer and has overall dimensions of 8' by 19', with a "road height" of 13' 5". I love the detailing of the roof, the tiny (2.5' by 2.5') porch, and the custom tiny doors and windows that don't dwarf the little structure.

Inside he's finished it with pine boards, although I might go for bead board paneling and paint it to lighten it up a bit. In this picture you see the inside of the front bay window, the pine paneling, and the Dickinson marine furnace, which is an adorable wall-mounted propane stove that heats a tiny house with no problem.

You know I love to cook, so here's a shot of the kitchen - more pine on the walls, a small fridge, a two-burner range and a sink, of course. No oven, but I could have a toaster-oven for when we're on "shore power".

Just to the left of this picture is the bathroom, which manages to fit a toilet and shower into a 3' by 6' space. Sleeping accommodations are in the loft, which fits a queen-size mattress, has a 3' 8" head height, and is reached by a ladder.

Electricity can be handled with solar panels or an extension cord; water is stored in a tank in the kitchen; there's a tank-less water heater; and I'm planning a composting toilet so there's only gray water to store and dump.

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