Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Co-op units to buy

I found a list of co-ownerships that I will update and pass on to you, but I haven't yet found a list of co-ops (the type where you own a share in the corporation that owns the building). I've found seven so far:

235 Grandravine Drive. This is too far out for me - west of Keele, and between Finch and Sheppard. But a 1-bedroom "condo" for $59,900 - with maintenance fees of only $425 - wow! There are currently four 2-bedroom units for sale, asking from $85,000 to $89,900. Rents in that area seem to start around $900 (according to a quick scan of, which means that it would carry for about the same amount as rent, even with the maintenance fees. One odd thing is that none of the five listings online (as of Nov 2010) have pictures of the interior. That's pretty unusual these days.

1648 Bathurst Street (north of St. Clair). This is a gorgeous old half-timbered Tudor building on the west side of Bathurst. There's currently a bachelor unit asking $89,000, with maintenance fees of $381/month. The room sizes on the listing are obviously incorrect, but if I'm right that the listing agent put in feet as metres, it would be 350 square feet. There's also a 1-bedroom unit asking $155,900. I'll be keeping a sharp eye out for more units in this building to come up for sale, to see if they have two-bedroom units.

1646 Bathurst Street. One door south of the previous paragraph, obviously, and it's another low-rise building with few units, only this one is brick with bay windows up both fronts. There's currently a lovely one-bedroom unit asking $135,000, with maintenance fees of $525.

53 and 55 Neptune Drive. This is a bit too far out of downtown for me, just west of Bathurst but up at the 401. There are currently three units for sale in this pair of four-storey low-rise buildings. The one-bedroom unit is over 500 square feet and only asking $88,000, with monthly maintenance of $282.50. It needs a lot of sprucing up, but it has the original blue and black bathroom tiles, just like my grandmother's old bathroom! (I think this suggests the buildings are from the 50s). The two-bedrooms are asking $109,900 and $129,900, with maintenance fees at $400.

185 Stephen Drive, Etobicoke. This building is directly south of Old Mill subway station; it looks like about a 20-minute walk through a series of parks to get there, and it faces out onto one of them. They're asking $139,950.

1901 Bayview Avenue, just north of Eglinton. This one is in the process of converting to a condo, so it won't be cheap much longer. There's currently a 1-bedroom asking $159,000, although maintenance fees are very high at $800.

100 Oriole Parkway. There's currently a 2-bedroom unit for sale for $319,000, but there are no pictures online, so I can't comment on the interior of this building yet. It's right on the busy part of Oriole Parkway before Avenue splits off to the west, across the street from the north end of Upper Canada College's extensive playing fields.

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  1. Kirsten - I just dug up your blog about Co-Ops. I'm an owner in 1646 Bathurst and can tell you that 1646 and 1648 Bathurst are "sister" buildings as of 2017, and are part of the same building co-operative. 1648 has only bachelors and 1 beds, and 1646 has two 2-bedroom exceptions, but is otherwise also bachelors and 1-beds.