Monday, November 22, 2010

A 1920s Kitchen

I found this wonderful illustration in a book entitled Distinctive House Design and Decor of the Twenties: With Over 500 Floor Plans and Illustrations. It was originally published in 1925 under the title House and Garden's Second Book of Houses.

(Click for a bigger version). The big porcelain sinks with integral drainboards are still available at salvage yards - I've got my eye on one from Historic Houseparts, if I ever get to Rochester and have room in my trunk. The text says that the bottom cabinets protrude about 6 inches, which is considerably different than the current standard of 12" deep upper cabinets and 24" deep lower cabinets.

They specify a floor of battleship gray linoleum, gray walls, rose and white curtains, and the woodwork (presumably including the cabinets) white or gray.

The fridge is electric and "highly convenient". In other plan books this age I've often seen the icebox in the back entryway rather than the kitchen, presumably so the iceman didn't track mud into the house.

The floor plan shows that even a kitchen large by today's standards - 13 by 14 feet - required a separate pantry for the rest of the storage space.

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