Friday, October 25, 2013


My poor husband.  Last night I thought he'd ordered me a pizza as a surprise.  Today I thought he'd booked us a vacation in Hawaii!

But no, it's one of my alter egos.  I hope they have a good time!


I did think briefly about becoming a midwife.  I decided to stick with teaching, though, since it rarely involves shiftwork.

I'm a bit mystified as to how this came to me, actually, since it says "no email address provided" and the name I've obscured isn't actually mine.  Someone got one of our email addresses wrong somewhere, though.

Job op!

I'm always interested in freelance job opportunities, but I didn't recognize the sender's name when it came up in my inbox.  And when I opened it up, well.... I may have many talents, but illustration is definitely NOT one of them!  I let her know she had the wrong email address, so hopefully the correct person who shares my name got the opportunity.

Now I'm hungry!

I got a bit excited when I saw this Domino's pizza email in my inbox.  I thought maybe my husband had ordered one as a treat for me.  But then I saw the address... across the continent and in a different country from me!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It's a little known fact that I use a MacBook Pro for a laptop when I'm away from home, but that's less of an ideological choice and more because that's what my husband's company had sitting on the "slightly broken" shelf that I was able to borrow.
I certainly wasn't in Seattle buying a cable for an iPhone last week.  Must have been one of the other people with my name, forgetting her email address in the rush of excitement.

No big announcement coming here!

Apparently one of the other people with my name is pregnant, and the hormones have caused her to forget her email address.
I guess I have lots of pregnancy-related mailing list emails to look forward to now.