Friday, July 12, 2013

Really not me!

Now, I'm sure that some would argue that at my age, skin cream is a good idea, but I'm not one for much a cleaning/makeup regimen.  I certainly wasn't at one of those "independent consultant" parties for skin care products last night... I was tucked up with my favourite guys, eating pizza and catching up on Season 3 of Breaking Bad.

One of my alter egos was enjoying it, though, I guess.
I politely responded and said that it wasn't me, and the original sender ended up using the excuse of "oh, sorry, I shouldn't have put in the dot".  Someone, and this has been going on for years now, still believes that is different than

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nope, really not me

Until I opened this up, all I could wonder was why anyone would invite me to something with the word "Guns" in the title.

So, there is a further clue... one of the people who thinks they have my email address lives in or near Apple Valley, Minnesota.

I did spend many formative years in Thunder Bay, Ontario, a short drive from Minnesota... but nope, this is not meant for me.